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Category: Tenants

  • How about payment methods and bank commissions?

    Payment methods The following payment methods are accepted: Commissions Paypal commissions or commissions from any other financial institution (banks, credit card companies,…) are always paid by the tenant. Globexs always needs to receive the exact amount. ← back

  • What happens when I pay late?

    Owners of Globexs apartments authorize Globexs to collect the monthly rent. A late payment is subject to a one-time 5% increase of the rent. This 5% can be invoiced to the tenant from the 1st day after the due date of the rent. In the case that the tenant has not paid the rent, or […]

  • What is the difference between a Globexs apartment and a partner apartment?

    Most of the published properties are “Globexs-properties”. Some of the published properties are “partner properties”. Globexs properties are housing facilities of which the booking process is managed by Globexs. Partner properties are housing facilities that are fully managed by a third party, a Globexs partner. In other words: A booking in a Globexs property is managed by Globexs. […]

  • What house rules apply to my rental apartment?

    The following house rules apply to all Globexs apartments (except when overruled by the rental contract). General house rules In case one of the above house rules is not respected, this will be considered a serious error, which entitles the owner to immediately terminate the rental agreement, without notice, in which case the tenant is […]

  • Is Globexs a real estate company?

    No, definitely not. Globexs is a relocation company. We offer a range of services to people who are moving abroad for a few months. Our clients are expats, companies, digital nomads and remote workers who move to another country for a few months for professional reasons. We offer 3 services to our customers: Globexs is […]

  • Can I bring my pet?

    At Globexs we love pets! However allowing a pet in a Globexs apartment depends on the owner only. In general very few owners allow pets. However, if you send us the cutest picture of your pet we can always ask the owner to make an exception. If the owner allows pets usually a 2-month deposit […]

  • Houserules

    The following house rules apply to the rented property: The tenant should be aware that the property is a real home, surrounded by neighbours and that the rules of the Homeowners’ Association must be respected. The working standards of the Owners’ Committee of the building, in which the property is located, must be respected, as […]

  • Can the owner cancel my booking?

    The owner has the right to terminate the lease at any time with 1 month’s notice without penalty. ← back

  • I want to cancel my booking

    The following cancellation policy applies for tenants in a Globexs apartment, unless overruled by the rental contract. For tenants in a partner apartment the cancellation policy of the owner applies. Cancellation before arrival The tenant has the right to cancel the booking with 2 months’ written notice without penalty. If however, the notice is less […]

  • How does the check-in take place?

    A few days before your arrival a Globexs rental agent brings the tenant in touch with the owner. From that moment on, the tenants has direct contact with the owner and the exact checkin date and time can be agreed. The Globexs agent monitors the whole process, and remains the contact person for both the […]