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How do I know which plan is perfect for me?

Let’s guide you through the different plans that Globexs offers. Choosing the owner plan that fits your needs is very important. We are very happy to assist you.

Partner plan

Our partner plan is designed for people that have experience with expat or temporary rentals. In the first place we are thinking about professional property managers, aparthotels, vacation rental properties, other expat rental agencies, etc. These are properties that are already rented on a professional way by an experienced team.

People signing up for the partner plan use Globexs only as a commercial platform. Publishing the properties on Globexs.com is for free. As soon as Globexs receives a request for the properties we bring the tenant in touch with the owner, and no further services are provided. The owner takes care of the rental contract, the payments, deposits, etc.

Globexs charges an agency fee or a commission to the owner. This usually is our general agency fee rate (350€ for rentals 1-2 months, 650€ for rentals 3-5 months, 1200€ for rentals 6+ months).

The partner plan is available in most countries in Europe. Owners do not need to sign a contract with Globexs.

Premium plan

Our premium plan is what most apartment owners in Belgium and Spain choose. It is designed for people that want no hassle at all. Globexs takes care of everything: We find the tenant, we negotiate the price and conditions, we prepare the contracts, we handle all the payments, we handle the deposit, we organize checkin-checkout, and we are the contact person for both owner and tenant during the full stay.

On top of all this, we also take care of the cleaning, linen change and checkin process. This service however we only offer in Valencia and Fuerteventura, Spain, through a partner company (Nestor Property Management). In all other destinations the owners takes care of cleaning, linen change and checkin.

The premium plan is available in Spain and Belgium. Owners sign an intermediation contract with Globexs.

Superior plan

The Superior plan is an extension of the Premium plan. It offers all the same features of the Premium plan, but offers additional damage coverage on top. Globexs has partnered with AXA and is now able to provide our owners with a home insurance package.

Most home owners of course already have a home insurance, but the Superior plan offers additional protection. This plan is designed for owners of luxury apartments with expensive furnitures.

The superior plan is available in Spain only. Owners sign an intermediation contract with Globexs.

The Globexs owner plans

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