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How do I take good photos of my flat?

Good photos and a video are crucial for presenting your property. In this day and age, images have become increasingly important. Here are some tips and tricks: 

Less clutter gives the impression of more space, so store things you don’t need to make rooms look more spacious.

  • Pull back curtains and open blinds in all rooms….
  • A hoover and duster are your best friends. We all know how much difference a vacuumed floor makes to the presentation of a room!
  • Resolution is best 1280px to 780px, best in landscape.
  • Take at least 1 photo of each room. 

It is important to give the prospective tenant a realistic picture of the property. A picture says more than a thousand words and you should pay close attention to that. Our clients make a booking based on the visual material.

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