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Category: About taxes and insurances

  • What covers the insurance of the Superior plan?

    Globexs, in collaboration with AXA, has developed a home insurance policy that can provide all reasonable precautions to prevent injury, loss, or damage and take all reasonable steps to safeguard all insured property from loss or damage. The coverage of this policy is extensive and includes the following: -STORM: Covers loss or damage resulting from…

  • Do I need special insurances for expat rentals?

    We do not feel qualified to answer insurance questions. We are a Spanish company operating in several countries. We advise each owner to contact his/her insurance agent. ← back

  • What are my tax obligations as an owner?

    We do not feel qualified to answer tax questions from owners outside Spain. We only offer tax and legal services to owners in Spain. We recommend you contact your accountant or tax specialist for all other countries. ← back