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How do I book a Globexs apartment and what documentation do I need?

Renting a Globexs apartment is easy and fast. Our rental agents guide you through the process. Of course, the first step is that you get in touch with us.

Step 1 – Get in touch with Globexs

You can either do a search on our website, scroll through the apartments that appear, and apply for one of the options, or alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly. Either way, a dedicated Globexs rental agent will get in touch with you ASAP, and offer you the most suitable apartment for your stay.

Step 2 – Close the booking

Once you have selected your apartment the rental agent will guide you through the booking process. The only documentation you need to book a Globexs apartment is a copy of your passport. We do not requiere a bank guarantee, a work contract, etc. (In case you have booked a partner apartment additional documentation might be required). You fill out the rental contract and add the names and passport numbers of all the people that will be living in the apartment.

Step 3 – Initial payment

Once you have signed the contract and submitted the documentation, the rental agent will send you a booking confirmation, invoice or proforma invoice with our bank details. Your booking is confirmed when we receive the payment. We understand that plans can change, so our cancellation policy is as flexible as possible.

Step 4 – Checkin

A few days before your arrival a Globexs rental agent brings the tenant in touch with the owner. From that moment on, the tenants has direct contact with the owner and the exact checkin date and time can be agreed.

The Globexs agent monitors the whole process, and remains the contact person for both the owner and the tenant during the complete duration of the rental.

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