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Are the energy costs included in the rent?

The contracts of all the utilities remain under the name of the owner. Your rental apartment is ready to move in, with a functioning wifi connection, water, electricity, gas, etc. The energy costs are limited to a monthly maximum that is agreed upon in the rental contract.

What include the energy costs?

Standardly the energy costs include only electricity and gas, unless differently mentioned on the rental contract. Some owners also include the water consumption in the energy costs.

How about wifi?

Wifi is never included in the energy costs, and a standard wifi connection is always 100% included in the rental price. If the tenant wants an upgrade and a faster connection, the extra cost can be negotiated with the owner.

What if the tenant spends too much energy?

Energy costs are limited to a monthly maximum agreed in the lease. If the tenant consumes more energy, he will have to pay the difference. These additional costs will be controlled by the owner and Globexs and charged to the tenant on a monthly or quarterly basis. During the winter months (Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb), the owner can claim an additional amount to cover the higher heating costs. This is always included in the contract at the start of the tenancy. Energy costs are limited to a monthly maximum agreed in the lease.

How are the energy costs calculated?

This depends on the location and the owner, but energy costs are usually verified by the current bill from the energy supplier, or with meter readings. Water is basically included in the all-in rent agreed at the start of the lease. Only when it can be shown that there has been excessive consumption can a claim be made for the deposit. When the consumption is more than double the normal consumption, we speak of excessive consumption and the owner can make a claim on the deposit.

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