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Is an inventory necessary?

It is not compulsory but we strongly recommend it. The owners are not obliged by Globexs to make an inventory before checkin and the Globexs platform does not provide standard inventory forms to owners nor tenants.

We recommend the owners to have the tenants sign an inventory upon arrival. This inventory process is completely outside the Globexs platform, and the inventory, signed or not by the tenant, will not be monitored by Globexs. A standard Globexs rental contract does not include an inventory or any kind, but the owner has the right to make an inventory, have it signed by the tenant on checkin, and use this document in case there are damages on checkout.

Of course this works both ways: Tenants always have the right to ask the owner for an inventory at the moment of checkin. This might protect them against damage claims by the owner on checkout.

Anyway, it is important to know that Globexs is the contact person for both the owner and the tenant, and that Globexs will intermediate between both parties in case of damage claims, regardless of an inventory was signed on checkin or not.

Here we have an example that you may be able to use. You can always use a different inventory template too, depending on what you are most comfortable with.

Click here to download the inventory document

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