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What are my obligations as an owner before and during an expat rental?

In order to ensure a high quality service for the benefit of the tenant, the owner guarantees the correct fulfillment of the following obligations in relation to the rented property:

Obligations of the owner before the first rental

  • The owner must ensure that the rented house is sufficiently furnished and equipped with the necessary household items for the number of people the house is intended for. 
  • All appliances must be in good condition and fully functional. There must be a refrigerator with enough space for the number of people the house is intended for. 
  • Beds must be in good condition and clean (including mattresses and bedding). 
  • The house must be delivered impeccable, completely clean and in good condition, as well as free of personal belongings. Cleaning products, shampoo and toilet paper are provided.

Obligations of the owner at all times

  • The owner must ensure that public services (electricity and/or gas, water), Wi-Fi and television distribution are connected and operational throughout the rental period. 
  • If during the rental period there are interruptions in the supply of Wi-Fi, electricity, gas or water, the owner is obliged to solve this situation immediately and/or return to the tenant a proportional part of the rental price for the number of days without supplies, as compensation for the inconvenience suffered. 
  • If the interruption is so serious that the tenant suffers a serious loss of enjoyment and the house cannot be used for the purposes for which it is intended, the rental contract will be terminated immediately without the owner being able to make any claim and/or compensation.
  • The owner is responsible for check-in and handing over the keys. Globexs will coordinate the communication between the owner and the renter before check-in.

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