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What is a linen fee?

A linen fee is charged to cover the cost of the washing of the bedlinens and towels. For the reassurance, health and safety of our guests we have introduced elevated cleaning and safety procedures in light of coronavirus.

To cover the costs of these intensive new cleaning and desinfection protocols we charge a one-time linen fee, which is usually 150€. For more information check out our covid cleaning protocols. The linen fee is not to be confused with a cleaning fee.

The tenant is always obligated to leave the apartment clean on check out (See our terms and conditions). In case the apartment is left behind dirty a cleaning fee can be charged.

The cleaning fee amount will be decided by the owner of the apartment (minimum 75€ and maximum 1 month’s rent). In other words, the cleaning fee can be considered a “fine”, while the linen fee is a standard cost due to the increased post covid health and safety hazards. 

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