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What kind of rentals does Globexs offer?

Globexs never rents apartments for tourism purposes, nor offers long term rentals. Globexs offers expat rentals.

What are expat rentals?

  • The apartments and houses are fully furnished
  • The minimum stay is 1 month. The maximum stay is 11 months.
  • The apartments are only intended for use as a temporary housing accommodation.
  • Registration on the address is not allowed
  • The tenants are not permitted to make it their principal or main place of residence.
  • It is not permitted to exercise any trade or craft in the property, nor any other profession.

The owners of the apartments that Globexs offers to its customers have authorized Globexs to negotiate the price and the conditions of the rental with the tenants, and to sign the rental contract on their behalf. However, the owners of the apartments have the final word and need to approve to Globexs the conditions of every rental before Globexs can sign the rental contract on their behalf.

Every rental contract is a legal agreement between the owner of the apartment and the tenant. Globexs acts as an intermediate defending the interests of the owner and the tenant. 

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