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When do I need to pay the 99€ publication fee?

Owners that have chosen the Premium plan or the Superior plan pay a yearly publication fee of 99€ + vat. This publication fee is not invoiced nor charged until we have a first booking for the apartment. The publication fee will be deducted from the rent, together with the 2% service fee.

For example, if you sign up for the Premium plan in March 2023 (meaning: we sign an intermediation contract in March 2023), but the first booking does not arrive until the month of April, the owner does not pay the publication fee until April. When we pay the rent of the first month we deduct the publication fee from the rent, together with the 2% service fee.

The publication fee in this case is valid from May 2023 until May 2024. In May 2024 we send an invoice to the owner for the next year (May 2024-May 2025), regardless if the apartment is rented at that moment or not.

The logic behind the Superior plan is basically the same. The payment for the extra home insurance always goes hand in hand with the payment of the publication fee. Both payments are linked and invoiced at the same time. Owners on a Superior plan pay the publication fee and the insurance fee at the moment of the first booking.

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