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Category: About contracts

  • About the responsibility and liability of Globexs

    Damages & security Globexs is not responsible for the security of the house, nor for the damages suffered by the tenants when using the house and everything in it. It is the exclusive responsibility of the owner to have insurance that covers at least the damage caused by fire or theft, as well as the…

  • Why do I get less money than mentioned on the rental contract?

    When it comes to temporary rentals, Globexs invoices both the tenants and the owners. This leads to 3 reasons why the owner gets less money per month than what is mentioned on the rental contract. This consequently means that for tax purposes the owner cannot rely on the rental contract. That is why an owner…

  • Can I use my own rental contract?

    If you want to use your own rental contract, the Partner plan is perfect for you. (How do I know which plan is perfect for me?) Our partner plan is designed for people that have experience with expat or temporary rentals. Globexs is not involved in the actual booking process nor the payments, and the…

  • Why do I need to sign an intermediation contract and what is the difference with the rental contract?

    Intermediation contract Owners on a Premium or Superior plan authorize Globexs to manage the rentals of their apartment. More in particular, they authorize Globexs to: The intermediation contract is signed at the beginning of the collaboration between the owner and Globexs and is concluded for an indefinite period of time. Either party may unilaterally terminate…