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Category: About plans for owners

  • What covers the insurance of the Superior plan?

    Globexs, in collaboration with AXA, has developed a home insurance policy that can provide all reasonable precautions to prevent injury, loss, or damage and take all reasonable steps to safeguard all insured property from loss or damage. The coverage of this policy is extensive and includes the following: -STORM: Covers loss or damage resulting from…

  • When do I need to pay the 99€ publication fee?

    Owners that have chosen the Premium plan or the Superior plan pay a yearly publication fee of 99€ + vat. This publication fee is not invoiced nor charged until we have a first booking for the apartment. The publication fee will be deducted from the rent, together with the 2% service fee. For example, if…

  • Can I change from one plan to another?

    Owners on the Premium plan can upgrade to the Superior plan at any time. Since the payment of the publication fee go hand in hand with the payment of the insurance fee, there will be a regulation at the moment of the upgrade. For example: An owner who is on a Premium plan and has…

  • How do I know which plan is perfect for me?

    Let’s guide you through the different plans that Globexs offers. Choosing the owner plan that fits your needs is very important. We are very happy to assist you. Partner plan Our partner plan is designed for people that have experience with expat or temporary rentals. In the first place we are thinking about professional property…