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Category: About my payments

  • Why do I have to pay a linen / concierge fee?

    All tenants pay a linen fee of 150€ + vat (also called a concierge fee). The following services are included in this fee: If the apartment is left behind very dirty, and we need more than 3 hours to clean, an extra cleaning fee will be charged. The same thing happens when the bedlinens and towels…

  • My invoice explained

    Many concepts appear on a typical Globexs invoice and this articles is written to clarify them. When do I have to make a first payment? To confirm a booking a tenant needs to pay the first month’s rent, deposit, and Globexs charges. To make this payment the tenant receives from Globexs a booking confirmation or…

  • How about payment methods and bank commissions?

    Payment methods The following payment methods are accepted: Commissions Paypal commissions or commissions from any other financial institution (banks, credit card companies,…) are always paid by the tenant. Globexs always needs to receive the exact amount. ← back

  • What happens when I pay late?

    Owners of Globexs apartments authorize Globexs to collect the monthly rent. A late payment is subject to a one-time 5% increase of the rent. This 5% can be invoiced to the tenant from the 1st day after the due date of the rent. In the case that the tenant has not paid the rent, or…

  • Are the energy costs included in the rent?

    The contracts of all the utilities remain under the name of the owner. Your rental apartment is ready to move in, with a functioning wifi connection, water, electricity, gas, etc. The energy costs are limited to a monthly maximum that is agreed upon in the rental contract. What include the energy costs? Standardly the energy…