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Category: About services for tenants

  • Is Globexs a real estate company?

    No, definitely not. Globexs is a relocation company. We offer a range of services to people who are moving abroad for a few months. Our clients are expats, companies, digital nomads and remote workers who move to another country for a few months for professional reasons. We offer 3 services to our customers: Globexs is…

  • What services does Globexs offer to tenants?

    Globexs is a company whose main activity is the provision of several services to expatriates and/or the companies which they work for, as well as the provision of suitable accommodation for expatriates. Globexs has a website through which owners can make their homes temporarily available to expatriates.   Finding the right apartment Globexs connects the…

  • What kind of rentals does Globexs offer?

    Globexs never rents apartments for tourism purposes, nor offers long term rentals. Globexs offers expat rentals. What are expat rentals? The owners of the apartments that Globexs offers to its customers have authorized Globexs to negotiate the price and the conditions of the rental with the tenants, and to sign the rental contract on their…