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Category: About the booking process

  • I want to book but I do not know the exact arrival date or departure date.

    No problem, we will find a way to make things work. At Globexs we understand that plans change and that maximum flexibility is necessary. I do not know my exact arrival date In this case we recommend that you book your apartment with the most optimistic (earliest) arrival date, to guarantee the availability of the […]

  • How long ahead can I book an apartment?

    We know the availability of our apartments maximum 6-8 weeks ahead. If you need an apartment more than 2 months in the future ,we are happy to answer your call, but it is impossible to send you a list of available apartments. ← back

  • How do I book a Globexs apartment and what documentation do I need?

    Renting a Globexs apartment is easy and fast. Our rental agents guide you through the process. Of course, the first step is that you get in touch with us. Step 1 – Get in touch with Globexs You can either do a search on our website, scroll through the apartments that appear, and apply for […]

  • What is the difference between a Globexs apartment and a partner apartment?

    Most of the published properties are “Globexs-properties”. Some of the published properties are “partner properties”. Globexs properties are housing facilities of which the booking process is managed by Globexs. Partner properties are housing facilities that are fully managed by a third party, a Globexs partner. In other words: A booking in a Globexs property is managed by Globexs. […]

  • Can I bring my pet?

    At Globexs we love pets! However allowing a pet in a Globexs apartment depends on the owner only. In general very few owners allow pets. However, if you send us the cutest picture of your pet we can always ask the owner to make an exception. If the owner allows pets usually a 2-month deposit […]

  • How does the check-in take place?

    A few days before your arrival a Globexs rental agent brings the tenant in touch with the owner. From that moment on, the tenants has direct contact with the owner and the exact checkin date and time can be agreed. The Globexs agent monitors the whole process, and remains the contact person for both the […]

  • Is it possible to visit the apartment before booking?

    Usually Globexs does not organize visits prior to a booking, but the owner makes the final decision. If the owner lives close to the rental property he will perhaps allow a visit, but he is not obliged to do so. Very often a visit is impossible because the previous tenant has not checked-out yet. At […]

  • What is the minimum and maximum time we can book?

    We offer rentals from 30 days, depending on the city and always respecting the limits of local regulations. For example, in Brussels the minimum rental period is 3 months. Globexs never rents apartments for tourism purposes. Although there is no maximum booking period, most bookings are shorter than 1 year. The purpose of the Globexs […]