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What services does Globexs offer to owners?

Globexs is a company whose main activity is the provision of several services to expatriates and/or the companies which they work for, as well as the provision of suitable accommodation for expatriates. Globexs has a website through which owners can make their homes temporarily available to expatriates.


We publish the owner’s apartment on our website and offer the apartment to our expat customers. Globexs finds the right tenant for the right apartment. Globexs offers 2 types of accommodation to the tenants: Globexs apartments that are fully managed by Globexs, and partner apartments that are managed by partners. Globexs is the owner of none of the published apartments. Interested owners can choose between 3 plans. Click here to find out which plan is perfect for you.


The owners of the Globexs apartments have authorized Globexs to negotiate the price and the conditions of the rental with the tenants and to sign the rental contract on their behalf. However, the owners of the apartments have the final word and need to approve Globexs the conditions of every rental before Globexs can sign the rental contract on their behalf. Every rental contract is a legal agreement between the owner of the apartment and the tenant. Globexs acts as an intermediate defending the interests of the owner and the tenant. The owners of the partner apartments use Globexs only as a commercial platform and do not use the Globexs services in terms of rental contracts, payments, etc.


The rental price that the owner wishes to receive is determined in consultation with Globexs and may vary for each rental, depending on the duration of the rental. During the rental period, Globexs collects the rent on behalf of the owner (Premium – Superior plan). The monthly rent is transferred to the owner either on the 5th or the 20th of each month. In case the tenant is late with the payment there can be a delay of 1 extra week. 

Deposit management

For our Premium and Superior owners Globexs collects the deposit and keeps it until the departure of the tenant. The owner checks the apartment and communicates damages to Globexs within 5 working days after checkout. If the owner considers that (part of) the deposit should be retained, Globexs opens a deposit report. 

Problem solving

Globexs is the contact person during the complete stay of the tenant. In case of problems, both the owner and the expat (tenant) contact their Globexs agent who will try to solve the problem by appropriate intermediation.

Property management

To Premium and Superior owners in Valencia we also offer property management services. We take care of the cleaning, linen change and checkin process. This service however we only offer in Valencia and Fuerteventura, Spain, through a partner company (Nestor Property Management). In all other destinations the owners takes care of cleaning, linen change and checkin.

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