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I want to book but I do not know the exact arrival date or departure date.

No problem, we will find a way to make things work. At Globexs we understand that plans change and that maximum flexibility is necessary.

I do not know my exact arrival date

In this case we recommend that you book your apartment with the most optimistic (earliest) arrival date, to guarantee the availability of the apartment. In case the travel plans change, and you arrive late, you have the right to delay the entry date by 1 week without penalty, with a 1 month’s written notice. During this 1 week, the apartment will be blocked for you. This term of 1 week can be extended after negotiation with the owner, under certain circumstances. Your Globexs agent will always be your contact person and negotiate the most flexible terms with the owner.

I do not know my exact departure date

Again, maximum flexibility is in order. If you are not sure how long you will need the apartment, we will work with monthly contracts. You can extend your contract monthly. This is not financially the most optimal solution, because an extensión might be subject to an administration fee (Can I extend my booking), but it offers the tenant the flexibility he needs.

I need to leave earlier or cancel my contract

In this case, our general cancellation terms apply.

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