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What are the benefits of expat rentals?

Expat rentals (monthly rentals) combine the advantages of traditional long-term rental with short-term holiday rentals benefits. Monthly rentals refer to leasing a furnished apartment, flat, or house to expats, companies, or business travelers, for a short period, from 1 month to a maximum of 11 months.

By renting your property to business travelers and companies with Globexs, there is no non-payment risk due to the tenant profile. You, as the landlord, keep control over your house, deciding the dates you want to rent your property.

At Globexs we take care of the entire rental process. We filter the client’s profile and we manage the rental contract, drawn up by our legal department. You will get worldwide visibility through the Globexs website and our partners by listing your property with us.

High profitability

The monthly rent is higher than traditional rent and there is not seasonality as with the holiday rental.

Global visibility

Globexs operates internationally and is the industry reference for medium-term rental.

Rental contract management

We work with our contracts, drawn up by our legal department. Therefore, you do not need to worry about this.

No exclusivity

Globexs does not ask for exclusivity. You can still rent out your property via other platforms.

No visits

We have photos and videos of each property, so you don’t have to show anyone around. Should this be a requirement, the visits will be arranged by a Globexs agent.

Set your own rules

Anyone renting through Globexs agrees to basic house rules. However, if you have a special request we will always pass this on to the tenants.