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Globexs is a strong brand in the expat housing industry. The company behind the brand Globexs historically has always been GLOBAL EXPATRIATE SERVICES SL, a Spanish company with CIF B98399322, and with CEO Tiscar Navarro.

However, Globexs has ambitious expansion plans outside Spain, and our international operations are managed by the company GLOBAL EXPATRIATE SOLUTIONS SL. Global Expatriate Services SL is also a Spanish company (with CIF B44608180), and is run by CEO Lodewijk Cuypers.

Both Global Expatriate Services and Globexs Expatriate Solutions operate under the brand GLOBEXS with the same website (www.globexs.com).

Even though Global Expatriate Solutions SL is a 100% Spanish company, we have VAT obligations in every country we operate. To clients renting an apartment in Belgium, we need to include Belgian VAT in our agency fee. To clients renting an apartment in Holland, we need to include Dutch VAT in our agency fee. To clients renting an apartment in France, we need to include French VAT in our agency fee. Our local VAT obligations only affects the agency fee that Globexs makes, not the rental income for the owners.

Even though we operate with 2 different companies in Spain and abroad, our services to the owners are identical.

  1. Commercial: Globexs publishes the apartment on the website and offer the apartment to our expat customers.
  2. Contracts: Globexs arranges the rental contracts and defends the interests of the owners.
  3. Payments: During the rental period Globexs collects the rent on behalf of the owner.
  4. Deposit management: For our Premium and Superior owners Globexs collects the deposit and keeps it until the departure of the tenant. 
  5. Problem solving: Globexs is the contact person during the complete stay of the tenant. 
  6. Property management: To Premium and Superior owners in Valencia we also offer property management services. 

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