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When do I get my deposit back?

When a tenant chooses a Globexs rental apartment, Globexs holds the deposit during the stay. On the other hand, if the owner is on a “partner plan” Globexs does not get involved in the actual booking process, nor the deposit.

This is the Globexs deposit policy (for Globexs apartments only)

To assure the good and complete fulfillment of his/her obligations under this agreement, the tenant is obliged to pay a deposit at the moment of the booking. The amount of this deposit is decided by the owner and is usually between 750€ and 2 months rent.

The deposit will be refunded by bank transfer to the tenant after check-out, but only if the tenant has completely fulfilled his/her obligations under this agreement if no damages are being made to the property if the house rules have been respected and the property is left behind in the same conditions as upon arrival. The deposit will be refunded as soon as possible within a minimum of 5 days. But it can take as long as a maximum of 30 days after check-out because we have to wait for the energy bills of the last month.

Reasons for non-refund of the deposit

The deposit will not be refunded (partly or completely) in the following cases:

  • If the tenant does not leave the apartment clean on check-out. The tenant is not obliged to wash the bed sheets and the towels (for some properties a 1-time linen fee is charged to cover this cost), but he is obliged to clean the apartment before he/she leaves: The dishes need to be washed. It is not allowed to leave the dishwasher with dirty dishes. The trash needs to be removed from the apartment. The fridge needs to be emptied. In case the apartment is left behind dirty a cleaning fee can be charged. The cleaning fee amount will be decided by the owner of the apartment (minimum 75€ and maximum 1 month’s rent), and communicated to the tenant by Globexs.
  • If the tenant causes damages to the property. Accidents can happen, but the tenant is obliged to cover the damages that he/she causes. (unremovable stains on bedlinen and furniture, broken furniture of kitchen equipment, etc….). The value of the damage will be decided by the owner of the apartment and communicated to the tenant by Globexs.
  • If the tenant does not respect the House Rules. Every rental contract included a chapter with the house rules. In case one of the house rules is not respected, this will be considered a serious error, which entitles the owner to immediately terminate the rental agreement, without notice, in which case the tenant is obliged to pay to the owner an indemnity of the amount of a full month’s rent for this error (in addition to other eventual costs for indemnification of damages that would be caused to the property by the tenant).
  • If the tenant has consumed more energy than included in the rental price. The rental price of an apartment usually includes a maximum energy cost that will be agreed upon in the rental contract. If the tenants exceed this amount (electricity + gas), the owner can decide to withdraw the amount from the deposit.
  • In case of payment problems. For example, if the tenant’s payments were subject to a PayPal commission of the commission of any other kind of financial institution, and Globexs did not receive the full amount. Or if there was a penalty for a late payment during the stay.

Administration cost for deposit report

In case (a part of) the deposit cannot be refunded, a deposit report will be drafted by Globexs to explain the reason for the non-refund. In this case, also an administration cost of between 50€ – 250€ will be charged to the tenant.

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