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Category: About bookings

  • Can my tenant cancel a booking?

    The following cancellation policy applies for tenants in a Globexs apartment, unless overruled by the rental contract. For tenants in a partner apartment the cancellation policy of the owner applies. Cancellation before arrival The tenant has the right to cancel the booking with 2 months’ written notice without penalty. If however, the notice is less…

  • Do I need to allow visits of potential tenants?

    No. The owner of a Globexs apartment on a Premium or Superior plan are not obliged to allow visits of potential tenants. At Globexs we do the maximum to avoid visits of potential tenants. That is the reason why we insist to our owners on realistic photos and videos. (What information does Globexs need to…

  • Can I refuse a booking?

    Yes. Unless agreed differently with Globexs, a Globexs owner on a Premium or Superior plan can always refuse a booking. If Globexs receives a booking request for an apartment, the owner will be contacted to agree the final terms. Although Globexs carefully filters every request, and only presents serious candidates, sometimes an owner is unable…

  • What is included in the rent and what if the tenant uses too much energy?

    The rent that the owner wishes to receive is determined in consultation with Globexs, and may vary for each contract, depending on the length of stay. For each rental, its price (including all expenses such as water, electricity, gas, Wi-Fi, community fees, taxes, etc.) will be negotiated between Globexs and the owner. During the rental…

  • What if my tenant uses too much energy?

    When the tenant moves in, the estimated energy cost per month is included in the price. We ask our owners to set the all-in price including the estimated energy cost. During the winter months, an additional amount may be negotiated between the owner and Globexs. Some months this consumption is higher, others lower. This keeps itself…

  • Are pets allowed?

    No, in general, we do not allow pets. If there is a specific request, we always contact the owner first for permission. ← back

  • Who does the cleaning, check-in and check-out?

    The owner is responsible for checkin, checkout and cleaning between guests. The checkin process is organized in collaboration with the Globexs agent, who remains the contact person for both owner and tenant during the rental. In the city of Valencia, owners have the option to contract the services of the company Nestor (https://www.nestor-pm.com) to cover…