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Category: About my apartment

  • What house rules apply standardly?

    The following house rules apply to all Globexs apartments (except when overruled by the rental contract). General house rules In case one of the above house rules is not respected, this will be considered a serious error, which entitles the owner to immediately terminate the rental agreement, without notice, in which case the tenant is…

  • Does my apartment need to be available 12 months a year?

    The answer to this question depends on the location of the apartment. In Spain many Globexs owners are foreigners who bought a second home apartment. They use their apartment for their yearly holiday, and use the Globexs platform to rent it out the rest of the year. This is perfectly fine if the owner communicates…

  • What information does Globexs need to publish my apartment?

    Good photos and a video are crucial for presenting your property. In this day and age, images have become increasingly important. Here are some tips and tricks:  Photos Less clutter gives the impression of more space, so store things you don’t need to make rooms look more spacious. It is important to give the prospective…

  • I have an unfurnished apartment

    Thank you for reaching out to Globexs, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do with an unfurnished apartment. Globexs is specialized in expat rentals, and expat rentals are always fully furnished, equipped and connected. Globexs rents furnished apartments for periods between 1-11 months. All the apartments that we manage have the following features: What…

  • What are the basic requirements for my apartment?

    In order to ensure a high quality service for the benefit of the tenant, the owner guarantees the correct fulfillment of the following obligations in relation to the rented property: Obligations of the owner Basic general equipment Basic equipment of the kitchen Basic equipment of the bedrooms ← back

  • Does the property have to be available all year to work with you?

    No. The flat does not have to be available all year round.  We do ask that the property be available for at least 6 months per year (should not be consecutive) In fact, some owners combine different platforms depending on the season. With Globexs, you get flexibility. ← back

  • What requirements does my property have to meet?

    The property must be move-in ready and have the minimum equipment, including a washing machine, television, electrical appliances, basic household items, bedding, towels, and WiFi. We only offer furnished flats on our website.  ← back

  • When does Globexs pay the owner?

    Owners receive the rent once a month. Globexs pays on the 5th or the 20th of the month, depending on the start date of the rental contract. ← back

  • Who pays the rent?

    The tenant pays Globexs and Globexs pays the owner. Globexs is the intermediary for both the lessee and owner. ← back

  • Why do I pay a service fee of 2%?

    This covers all administrative costs and the process of a booking like making up contracts, handling deposits, deposit reports, intermediation between owner and the tenant,…. during the stay. ← back