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What information does Globexs need to publish my apartment?

Good photos and a video are crucial for presenting your property. In this day and age, images have become increasingly important. Here are some tips and tricks: 


Less clutter gives the impression of more space, so store things you don’t need to make rooms look more spacious.

  • Pull back curtains and open blinds in all rooms….
  • A hoover and duster are your best friends. We all know how much difference a vacuumed floor makes to the presentation of a room!
  • Resolution is best 1280px to 780px, best in landscape.
  • Take at least 1 photo of each room. 

It is important to give the prospective tenant a realistic picture of the property. A picture says more than a thousand words.


The best way to avoid visits from interested tenants is by providing a walk-through video. This is as simple as turning on your video camera on your mobile phone and walk through every room in the apartment, preferably in less than 2 minutes.


A complete and honest description of the property is a must. This can be in your own words, in your own language. Our editors at the Globexs office will make it sound professional and attractive. Please talk about the apartment, the entrance, every room, the parking facilities, the neighborhood, the neighbors, etc… The more information the better.

Our supply team and marketing team is at your service for tips and tricks!

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