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Category: About my booking

  • Can I register on the address?

    No. It is strictly forbidden to register on the address of a Globexs apartment. Globexs apartments are for temporary use only. The tenant needs to fill out his main address on the rental contract, and needs to notice Globexs in writing if this main address changes. On the rental contract the tenant also needs to…

  • What if I have a problem during my stay?

    Your Globexs rental agent is your contact person during your stay. You can always contact your Globexs rental agent if: Of course, as a tenant you have direct access to the owner. You meet the owner during the checkin process, and you have previously exchanged contact details. But if the communication with the owner is…

  • Can I extend my booking?

    If a tenants wants to make an extension of the contract he needs to give a written notice at least 2 weeks before the end of the contract. The extension will not be automatically approved or implied, but needs to be confirmed in writing by the owner. An extension will be subject to an administration…

  • What house rules apply to my rental apartment?

    The following house rules apply to all Globexs apartments (except when overruled by the rental contract). General house rules In case one of the above house rules is not respected, this will be considered a serious error, which entitles the owner to immediately terminate the rental agreement, without notice, in which case the tenant is…

  • Can the owner cancel my booking?

    The owner has the right to terminate the lease at any time with 1 month’s notice without penalty. ← back

  • I want to cancel my booking

    The following cancellation policy applies for tenants in a Globexs apartment, unless overruled by the rental contract. For tenants in a partner apartment the cancellation policy of the owner applies. Cancellation before arrival The tenant has the right to cancel the booking with 2 months’ written notice without penalty. If however, the notice is less…

  • Can I change the furniture?

    No, the furniture should be retained. If changes are done, it is always in consultation with the owner. ← back