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What if I have a problem during my stay?

Your Globexs rental agent is your contact person during your stay. You can always contact your Globexs rental agent if:

  • The apartment is not what you expected
  • Something is not working correctly
  • There is a problem with the neighbors or the community
  • The communication with the owner is not fluid
  • etc.

Of course, as a tenant you have direct access to the owner. You meet the owner during the checkin process, and you have previously exchanged contact details. But if the communication with the owner is not as easy as needed, the rental agents can help.

The obligations of the owner during your stay

  • The owner must ensure that the rented house is sufficiently furnished and equipped with the necessary household items for the number of people the house is intended for. 
  • All appliances must be in good condition and fully functional.
  • Beds must be in good condition and clean (including mattresses and bedding). 
  • The house must be delivered impeccable, completely clean and in good condition, as well as free of personal belongings. Cleaning products, shampoo and toilet paper are provided.
  • The owner must ensure that public services (electricity and/or gas, water), Wi-Fi and television distribution are connected and operational throughout the rental period. 

If the tenant feels that the owner is not replying to his obligations, Globexs will intermediate and negotiate a solution.

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