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Category: About my deposit and damages

  • Am I insured against theft and damages as a tenant?

    No. Using the Globexs services as a tenant does not imply that you are covered by any insurance against theft and damages. Tenants are responsible for their own insurances. We recommend our tenants to contract travel insurance. Globexs is not responsible nor liable regarding the home-insurance obligations of the owner. In case there are damages…

  • Is there an inventory when I move in?

    This depends on the location, the owner, and the type of rental. The owners are not obliged by Globexs to make an inventory before checkin and the Globexs platform does not provide standard inventory forms to owners nor tenants. Some owners will have the tenants sign an inventory upon arrival. This inventory process is completely…

  • When do I get my deposit back?

    When a tenant chooses a Globexs rental apartment, Globexs holds the deposit during the stay. On the other hand, if the owner is on a “partner plan” Globexs does not get involved in the actual booking process, nor the deposit. This is the Globexs deposit policy (for Globexs apartments only) To assure the good and…