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Is Globexs a real estate agency?

No, definitely not. Globexs is a relocation company.

We offer a range of services to people who are moving abroad for a few months. Our clients are expats, companies, digital nomads and remote workers who move to another country for a few months for professional reasons. We offer 3 services to our customers:

  1. Legal immigration assistance (visas, work permits, etc.)
  2. General relocation services (bank accounts, driving licenses, school search, etc.)
  3. Furnished temporary rentals (apartments and houses for stays between 1-11 months)

Globexs is in business since 2010, and our many years of experience has given us a fantastic network of companies, expats, digital nomads, and apartment owners. In terms of accommodation, Globexs is a platform that connects expats with owners who are willing to rent their property for short terms.  

Globexs is not a real estate agency because it does not handle long term traditional rentals and is not involved in selling or buying properties. Globexs is a relocation company and a service company for people temporarily moving to another country.

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