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Category: Tenants

  • How do I pay for electricity, water, gas,…?

    Included in the rent are all costs: Wi-Fi, water, electricity, gas, etc. Energy costs (electricity + gas only) are limited to a monthly maximum agreed in the rental contract. If the guest consumes more energy he will have to pay the difference. The contracts of all utilities remain in the name of the owner. ← […]

  • Administration fee for deposit report

    If (part of) the advance cannot be repaid, Globexs will draw up an advance report to explain the reason for the non-repayment. In this case, administration costs between €50 and €250 will also be charged to the tenant. ← back

  • When do I get my deposit back?

    The deposit will be refunded by bank transfer to the tenant after check-out, but only if the tenant has fully complied with his/her obligations under this agreement, if no damage is caused to the property, if the house rules are complied with and if the property is left in the same condition as on arrival. […]

  • Why do I have to pay a deposit?

    A deposit is required. To ensure the proper and full performance of his/her obligations under this agreement, the tenant is required to pay a security deposit at the time of booking. The amount of this deposit is determined by the owner and is usually between 1 and 2 months’ rent. The amount of the deposit […]

  • What is an agency fee?

    Tenants pay a service fee for the safety and security of a reputable company that guarantees a hassle-free rental. Globexs tenants enjoy a range of services that give them the comfort and security they need in their new home. The agency fee depends on the length of stay and the specific conditions of the rental. […]

  • Can I change the furniture?

    No, the furniture should be retained. If changes are done, it is always in consultation with the owner. ← back

  • Are the energy costs included in the rent?

    The contracts of all the utilities remain under the name of the owner. Your rental apartment is ready to move in, with a functioning wifi connection, water, electricity, gas, etc. The energy costs are limited to a monthly maximum that is agreed upon in the rental contract. What include the energy costs? Standardly the energy […]

  • What happens if we have to leave the flat before the end of the contract?

    The cancellation terms can be consulted on our website (terms&conditions), but can be overruled by the cancellations terms in the rental contract. ← back

  • I want to renew the contract.

    If you are planning to renew your stay, we recommend that you inform Globexs as far in advance as possible. First of all we must check the availability of the accommodation where you are currently staying. If it is available we will sign a contract extension. If not, we will try to relocate the company […]

  • Do I have to sign a rental contract?

    Yes, most owners that publish their apartment on www.globexs.com will ask you to sign a rental contract. This rental contract will usually be drafted and presented to you before arrival, or in some cases, upon arrival. ← back