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Category: Tenants

  • When do I get my deposit back?

    The deposit will be refunded by bank transfer to the LESSEE after check-out, but only if the LESSEE has completely fulfilled his/her obligations under this agreement, if there are no damages being made to the property, if the house rules have been respected and the property is left behind in the same conditions as upon […]

  • What is a linen fee?

    A linen fee is charged to cover the cost of the washing of the bedlinens and towels. For the reassurance, health and safety of our guests we have introduced elevated cleaning and safety procedures in light of coronavirus. To cover the costs of these intensive new cleaning and desinfection protocols we charge a one-time linen […]

  • Why do I have to pay a deposit?

    A deposit is necessary. In order to assure the good and complete fulfillment of his/her obligations under this agreement, the tenant is obliged to pay a deposit at the moment of the booking. The amount of this deposit is decided by the owner and is usually between 750€ and 2 month’s rent. The amount of […]

  • Is it possible to visit the apartment before booking?

    Usually Globexs does not organize visits prior to a booking, but the owner makes the final decision. If the owner lives close to the rental property he will perhaps allow a visit, but he is not obliged to do so. Very often a visit is impossible because the previous tenant has not checked-out yet. At […]

  • What is the minimum and maximum time we can book?

    We offer rentals from 30 days, depending on the city and always respecting the limits of local regulations. For example, in Brussels the minimum rental period is 3 months. Globexs never rents apartments for tourism purposes. Although there is no maximum booking period, most bookings are shorter than 1 year. The purpose of the Globexs […]

  • What services does Globexs offer to tenants?

    Globexs is a company whose main activity is the provision of several services to expatriates and/or the companies which they work for, as well as the provision of suitable accommodation for expatriates. Globexs has a website through which owners can make their homes temporarily available to expatriates.   Finding the right apartment Globexs connects the […]

  • What kind of rentals does Globexs offer?

    Globexs never rents apartments for tourism purposes, nor offers long term rentals. Globexs offers expat rentals. What are expat rentals? The owners of the apartments that Globexs offers to its customers have authorized Globexs to negotiate the price and the conditions of the rental with the tenants, and to sign the rental contract on their […]

  • When do I get my deposit back?

    When a tenant chooses a Globexs rental apartment, Globexs holds the deposit during the stay. On the other hand, if the owner is on a “partner plan” Globexs does not get involved in the actual booking process, nor the deposit. This is the Globexs deposit policy (for Globexs apartments only) To assure the good and […]