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Category: Tenants

  • Terms & conditions for tenants

    1. Deposit policy In order to assure the good and complete fulfilment of his/her obligations under this agreement, the LESSEE is obliged to pay a deposit to the OWNER. The deposit will be refunded by bank transfer to the LESSEE after check-out, but only if the LESSEE has completely fulfilled his/her obligations under this agreement, […]

  • I want to book but I do not know the exact arrival date or departure date.

    No problem, we will find a way to make things work. At Globexs we understand that plans change and that maximum flexibility is necessary. I do not know my exact arrival date In this case we recommend that you book your apartment with the most optimistic (earliest) arrival date, to guarantee the availability of the […]

  • How long ahead can I book an apartment?

    We know the availability of our apartments maximum 6-8 weeks ahead. If you need an apartment more than 2 months in the future ,we are happy to answer your call, but it is impossible to send you a list of available apartments. ← back

  • How do I book a Globexs apartment and what documentation do I need?

    Renting a Globexs apartment is easy and fast. Our rental agents guide you through the process. Of course, the first step is that you get in touch with us. Step 1 – Get in touch with Globexs You can either do a search on our website, scroll through the apartments that appear, and apply for […]

  • Can I register on the address?

    No. It is strictly forbidden to register on the address of a Globexs apartment. Globexs apartments are for temporary use only. The tenant needs to fill out his main address on the rental contract, and needs to notice Globexs in writing if this main address changes. On the rental contract the tenant also needs to […]

  • What if I have a problem during my stay?

    Your Globexs rental agent is your contact person during your stay. You can always contact your Globexs rental agent if: Of course, as a tenant you have direct access to the owner. You meet the owner during the checkin process, and you have previously exchanged contact details. But if the communication with the owner is […]

  • Am I insured against theft and damages as a tenant?

    No. Using the Globexs services as a tenant does not imply that you are covered by any insurance against theft and damages. Tenants are responsible for their own insurances. We recommend our tenants to contract travel insurance. Globexs is not responsible nor liable regarding the home-insurance obligations of the owner. In case there are damages […]

  • Is there an inventory when I move in?

    This depends on the location, the owner, and the type of rental. The owners are not obliged by Globexs to make an inventory before checkin and the Globexs platform does not provide standard inventory forms to owners nor tenants. Some owners will have the tenants sign an inventory upon arrival. This inventory process is completely […]

  • My invoice explained

    Many concepts appear on a typical Globexs invoice and this articles is written to clarify them. When do I have to make a first payment? To confirm a booking a tenant needs to pay the first month’s rent, deposit, and Globexs charges. To make this payment the tenant receives from Globexs a booking confirmation or […]

  • Can I extend my booking?

    If a tenants wants to make an extension of the contract he needs to give a written notice at least 2 weeks before the end of the contract. The extension will not be automatically approved or implied, but needs to be confirmed in writing by the owner. An extension will be subject to an administration […]